About Us

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University (MSKU), Department of Philosophy was founded in 1996 and started admitting students in 2000. The MSKU department of philosophy also offers Master and Doctoral level education since 2001 and 2006 respectively.  
The Greek term ‘philosophia’ is defined as ‘love of wisdom’; thus, philosophy deals with understanding and knowing one’s own meaning and value, the structure of the universe, and the historical and social foundations of life. The department aims to train teachers and academicians specializing in philosophy. Analytic thinking is emphasized in the education of professionals and intellectuals with broad interests in every field of life. Metaphysics, ethics, ontology, epistemology, aesthetics, history of philosophy, hermeneutics, philosophy of science, existentialism, philosophy of biology, feminist philosophy, and Turkish-Islamic philosophy are among the basic subjects studied in this department. There are also optional courses with the aim of providing students with a philosophy education in compliance with their interests. Thanks to regularly held scientific activities by the department, such as Philosophy Days and Science and Philosophy Meetings, students can catch up with the latest discussions.
Graduates are employed in various state institutions and in education, culture, human relations, planning, and evaluation units of private institutions.